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For the enhanced functionalities and user-friendly nature, WordPress has become the best Content Management System. With this growing popularity, hackers are targeting websites. Whether it is a simple blog site or company portfolio, there is an exception. If you own a blog site on the WordPress platforms, then you should take extra precaution to save your website from the threat of the hacker. Renowned software engineer Bill Megelich has suggested some excellent ways to protect the WordPress blog site by strengthening security.

  1. Hosting Company: Ensure that the hosting company you will select has multiple security layers. Mr. Bill Megelich said that the cheap hosting plans may seem lucrative to many but it may be the route of the hackers to enter your site, that’s why; it is better to go with the quality service.
  2. Avoid Free Theme: The premium themes of WordPress are developed by highly skilled developers. There is no restriction of the customization and you can feature as per your requirements. If something goes wrong on your website, you will have full support.
  3. Security Plugin: It is not possible for anyone to take a close look of the website on a daily basis. That’s why, it is better to add security plugins to check malware attack. WordPress comes with some excellent security plugins which can scan for malware attack 24*7.
  4. Password: According to Mr. Bill Megelich, the password is the strongest part of the website security. If you are using a simple password like ‘abc12345’ then immediately consider to change it.
  5. Disable Editor: While setting up the WordPress website, you will find a code editor on the dashboard. You can access it from the Appearance tab. It is highly recommended to disable this plugin so that the hackers cannot add any malicious code in your theme.
  6. SSL Certification: SSL certification is the single sockets layer which is essential security for all websites. It is very important for the websites which will deal with the payment procedures or sensitive information.
  7. Change Log In URL: If you log in to your website from the URL,, then you will be an easy target for the hackers. You need to change the login URL or add two step authentication to protect your website.

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William Megelich is known as the system engineer or lead frameworks experts, they expect the entire organization of systems, create half and half programming, web products in addition to other equipment arrangements.

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