Best Tips To Keep Your Child Safe In This Rainy Season By Dr. Bill Megelich

With the arrival of the monsoon, the greens are rejuvenated along with the people. However, things are not always good for the kids as the humidity of the atmosphere. “Surprisingly, the crowd of the parents with their sick kids is higher during monsoon than winter or summer. The main reason for that people don’t take precautionary measure while enjoying the first splash with their kids”, said Dr. Bill Megelich.

So, here are the remedies and precautionary steps suggested by famous child physician Dr. Bill Megelich for your child during the rainy season.

  • The first thing, you need to do is provide the kids healthy foods. Make sure they have ample Vitamin C in their diet that will boost the immune system.
  • Avoid giving cold and uncovered foods to the children as there may be active bacteria. Ensure that your baby is having fresh and warm foods always. Along with that, foods from outside during the monsoon season are a big no.
  • Set the room temperature warm and cozy for the kids. Due to rain, there may be sudden drop in mercury level and that may harm hugely the kids. Along with that, the humidity of the house should be maintained. If required use the room heater for little amount of time.
  • Dr. Bill Megelich said that due to high pollution level in the air, the rain water is not safe enough for the kids. So, it is a wise decision to keep them away from drenching in the rain. Don’t allow them to play in the rain. Make sure, they are wearing waterproof shoes and raincoat in case they have to go outside.
  • After the rain, you need to take a close look at your surroundings to find out any trace of stagnant water to avoid the breeding of mosquito.
  • Always keep a monsoon medical kit at home. From the mosquito repellant cream to cough and cold medicines, you can add different things that you can use for quick solution.
  • Always dress the kids in full sleeve upper and long lower made of cotton during this season.

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